Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Admitting the Truth About WMD

The First Step – My Statement Of Admission

I'm with Lorie over at PoliPundit. I too still believe that Saddam Hussein had WMD. I have believed for a long time that the convoys spotting going across the border to Syria before we invaded were carrying those munitions and that we were remiss in not pursuing those convoys.

I don't know what to make of the latest rumors circulating about secret tapes from Saddam. I have no idea what's on them, and quite frankly it won't matter a whit to the political debate here. To Bush's detractors, they'll just claim that the tapes are fabrications because to admit they've been wrong all along would require too much courage and honesty: courage and honesty that I just don't feel that they possess. To those of us who still support the effort, I don't need the tapes to know that Saddam was a dangerous man who's ambitions would have left us vulnerable sooner rather than later.

I do hope that the tapes contain evidence that the WMD were shipped to Syria. It would be a good reason to start a crackdown on Syria that should have begun long ago. Along with Iran, they are the biggest instigators of trouble in the Middle East. Removing Saddam Hussein was a good start to ending the instability that has plagued that region: removing the Syrian government is a good next step (unless, of course, you prefer to start with the Iranians).

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