Thursday, February 16, 2006

Democrat Hypocrisy on Patriot Act Exposed

Patriot Act moves ahead despite opposition

For the last few years the news has been filled with one Democrat after another decrying how this administration bullied the Patriot Act through Congress and is using it to trample on Americans' civil rights. So when it came time to renew it, you'd think they'd filibuster, hit the streets in protest, stomp their feet - do whatever it took to make sure that this civil rights atrocity came to end, right? If they truly believed all the horrible things they've been saying, they'd stand up to protect American citizens from these abusive practices the Patriot Act is responsible for, right?


96-3 Wrong.

That's right. Only 2 Democratic senators - Russ Feingold, who is pretty much against everything anyway, and Robert Byrd, the former Klansman. When it came to stand up and be counted, the Democrats sat down and whimpered instead.

Why? Because they know they've been lying all along. They know that the provisions of the Patriot Act - for the most part - only give the government the same rights to go after terrorists that it has to go after every other type of criminal. All their lies about civil rights being trampled have been just that: lies. Lies to fire up their base. Lies to make people hate Republicans. Lies to make people distrust the president. Lies. Lies. Lies. And the vote proves it.

A few Democratic senators, aware of the hypocrisy of their position, have justified their votes saying that "important provisions" were changed that made it more palatable. That's a bunch of hooey: superficial changes were made to certain parts of the act, but it is essentially the same piece of legislation they've been decrying. It's just a poor attempt to hide from the hypocrisy of their dirty and deceitful tactics.

The next time anyone tries to use the propaganda line that the administration is using the Patriot Act to trample civil rights in this country, just tell them:

"96-3 says you're a liar"

and walk away...

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