Sunday, February 19, 2006

Islamofascists Continue to Kill Despite Apology

Danish apology fails to quell Muslim anger

..and this is exactly why you never, ever negotiate with terrorists...Supposedly, they wanted an apology, but it turns out they just wanted to an excuse to be violent and now you look weak. And so it is with all terrorist demands.

Those who look for "root causes" and all sorts of OTHER bleeding-heart excuses may never understand that sometimes people are just bad people and need to be dealt with accordingly. If someone is willing to kidnap, burn and kill because they're so violently passionate about their point of view; even considering the idea that they might be up for an open-minded debate on the topic is bordering on insanity. They will never be satisifed with anything other than complete domination: if you're not willing to accept their domination, then you better be prepared for a fight because a conversation ain't happening...

All that issuing the apology has done is tell the Islamofascists that the Danes can be cowed into submission. It was a huge mistake...

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