Saturday, February 25, 2006

Why Political Parties Lose Elections...

State GOP strives for unity in 'turning point' election year

The article is about the GOP in California, but it could just as easily be about almost any political party in any state. The storyline goes something like this: one faction of the party isn't happy that the rest of the party doesn't agree with them totally, so they're going to muck it up for everyone else.

This is why parties lose elections. No matter what your differences within your own party, there's no doubt that someone from the opposing party is going to be even less inclined to hear your point of view. Principle is nice: but principle doesn't win elections, politics do. Often in politics, the best choice is between the lesser of two evils: standing behind your party in order to prevent what you consider as the greater of two evils from taking office would make sense.

Unless, of course, you prefer to stand on principle...For all of you who think this is a perfect world and you can hold out until the world comes to agree completely with you: stay away from politics. You're only setting yourself up for repeated disappointments. If, on the other hand, you want to shape policy and get something done, then make sure someone from your party takes the office...It's not really any more complicated than that...

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