Saturday, August 13, 2005

It Needed to Be Said...

Bush Raises Option of Using Force Against Iran

I know the liberal activists are going to up in arms about this, but truly it needed to be said.

Iran, in my eyes, is the biggest threats to world security in the world. Saudi Arabia can be bribed, Syria is a lot of mouth without much muscle, and North Korea is too impoverished to be much of a threat on its own. *NO ONE* can afford for Iran to have nuclear weapons because they are insane and fanatical enough to use them not just against us, but against their neighbors as well.

The Iranians need to understand that we're serious and that we're willing to take matters into our own hands if they don't back off. I don't think they can even say they need nuclear power for electricity with a straight face, and nobody takes them seriously when they say it anyway.

I hope the Iranians were listening because GWB is not the kind of guy to throw around "military option" without meaning it...

But Officer, I Have Irritable Bowels!

Cannabis-based drugs might relieve bowel disease

It used to be that pot smokers claimed to have glaucoma when busted for possessing marijuana. Now apparently there's a whole new category of ailments that can be blamed for that joint the officer found in your glove compartment...

HELP WANTED: Short-term Assignment, High Paying Position

Thieves Tunneled For Months To Pull Off Brazil's Biggest Bank Robbery

$65 million payday for three months of work? Not a bad way to spend your summer...

Friday, August 12, 2005

Bye Bye Bakri

Radical Preacher Banned From UK

It's about time. I'm sick and tired of people moving to a Western country like the U.K. or the U.S. and abusing their host's hospitality. Would you go to someone's house and insult their wife? Of course not, you'd be tossed out on your can.

Listen up, visitors (of all stripes): If you think it's so awful, then go home. It's not like anyone asked you to come here: you made a choice that living in the Western country was better than where you came from. Hmm...Guess that makes you a complete hypocrite, doesn't it?

One of the biggest problems we face in the war against radical fundamentalism is the fact that the enemy is all too often among us - using our own laws to recruit our own people for their cause.

Enough's enough...If you're not a citizen, then consider your circumstances and learn not to badmouth your host, or go home. It really is that simple. It's like family here: we're allowed to criticize each other, but if you're not part of the family then you're not part of the conversation and your input is neither required nor welcome.

So long and good riddance...Enjoy your stay in the depths of a Middle East prison, and remember that you could have stayed out of them indefinitely if you had just had some decent manners...

IAEA Wastes Time

IAEA inspectors' visit to Iran is merely routine

I don't want to say what I'm really thinking which "it's routine b&#%SH&^*."

Name me one crisis the IAEA has been effective at averting, or one crisis that the IAEA has successfully mediated. They were dumbfounded by the North Koreans and being blatantly ignored by the Iranians.

If the purpose of the IAEA is to control the spread of nuclear technology, it is a complete failure. So why go back to Iran? Are they just trying to rack up frequent flier miles or what?

Flushing HIV

AIDS Cure Possible, Study Suggests

This is pretty exciting stuff for everyone living with AIDS: the possibility it will be possible to completely flush the HIV virus completely out of the body. How cool is that?

My only question is: if it could be done for HIV, could it be done for other viral type illnesses such as herpes?

Pious Pierogis

Polish pastry 'has the face of Jesus'

These people who see the face in God in food items are a little frightening to me. How hard do you have to be looking to find *any* face, let alone that of Jesus, in your food? And why are you looking for faces in your food to begin with? How long have you been off your medications?

Now to the people bidding on these items are eBay: you people are certifiably whacked. It's one thing to believe you see it your own food, but to seek out the face of Jesus in someone *else's* food and to be willing to pay thousands of dollar to possess it. There aren't any books to look in under which you could define that sort of behavior as "normal" or "rational."

Seek help.

Go Away Already


I think pretty much everyone to the right of Barbra Streisand and co. are feeling the samy way about Cindy Sheehan right now.

She lost a son in Iraq, so she thinks she's entitled to foist her political agenda on everyone else. She was an anti-war activist before the war, so it's not like she's experienced some change of heart because of her loss. She's exploiting her son's death much to the chagrin of the rest of her family.

Sad for her family, just annoying to the rest of us. Today's Best of the Web has her anti-Bush history on full display.

She's got every right to her political opinion, but using her son's death is ugly and distasteful.

Go away, Cindy...your 15 minutes are up...

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