Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sheehan Considers Becoming Loser

Sheehan Considers Challenging Feinstein

Cindy Sheehan, (you remember her - the one who dishonored her son's memory by making a spectacle out of herself at the bidding of organized Bush haters despite her entire family begging her to stop?), is now considering trading in her reputation as Figurehead Fool for the title of Big Time Loser by taking on Dianne Feinstein in the upcoming Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate.

Personally I hope she runs because the more people see of people like Sheehan, the more they understand that being on the same side of pretty much any issue as a person like that should be enough motivation to rethink their position immediately if not sooner.

Palestinians to Lose Foreign Aid

U.S. to cut its aid unless Hamas recognizes Israel

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it...

For years, the Palestinians have been talking down the U.S. and talking peace while blowing up buses because what they really want is the elimination of the state of Israel. Now, with the election of Hamas, it's time to put up or shut up because it's likely that they're not going to be able to have it both ways any more.

Putting Hamas in power has taken the cover off the facade they've been putting forward of wanting peace while uncontrollable terrorists take rogue action. Well, they're not rogues any more: Hamas is in control, and now they need to decide which way to go.

This is when having a President Bush in power is essential. He's got the backbone to say we're not going to fund terror and cut off their supply of foreign aid: a President Kerry never would have.

So it's time to decide Hamas: do you hate the Jews enough to starve your people? And if you do, why should anyone ever take your "grievances" seriously again?

Friday, January 27, 2006

When Gambling Goes Horribly Wrong...

Rugby fan tells how he lost his tackle

You think soccer hooligans are sports fans gone nuts? HA! They've got nothing on rugby fans...Especially when those rugby fans have a bet on the game.

I can't even describe what happened, but suffice it to say that I sincerely hope it interferes with his ability to reproduce...Those are some genes the pool is better off without...

British Sex A Costly Matter

Romping Brits cause 350 million pounds damage a year

Between personal injuries and property damage, evidently the British are doing something very wrong while engaging in carnal relations or they're just plain clumsy. 33% of couples broke something in flagrante, while at least 40% of them injured themselves in some way.

Given the high incidences of injury and property damage, it sounds like their sex education classes need a new curriculum...

Mexico Shamed Into Drug Arrest

Mexico Finds Drug Tunnel Extending From Tijuana to California

OK...so they didn't really "find" the tunnel: The U.S. DEA "found" the other end of the tunnel and told them where it was. The headline implies that the Mexicans are being diligent about looking for these tunnels, but the reality is that they didn't have any choice but to raid the home after the DEA notified them.

The Mexican authorities don't really have any interest in stopping the flow of drugs into the U.S.: it pours millions - if not billions - of dollars into their corrupt economy. It's not much different than the illegal immigration across the border. they don't have any desire to stop that for the same reason.

The Mexican border is a huge sieve through which security risks, illegal aliens, and tons of drug pass every day. We can't begin to solve our problems here in the U.S. until we stop importing additional headaches from other countries, and the place to start is there...

CBS Spins Its Poll Results

Bush's Approval Remains Low

CBS is touting its latest poll results with the headline screaming that his approval rating "remains low."

Last month, they said:
In a recent CBS News/New York Times Poll, President Bush's approval ratings climbed 5 percent to 40 percent, but he is still in the midst of his lowest job approval rating of his presidency.

The month before that:
President Bush's job approval has reached the lowest level yet. Only 35 percent approve of the job he's doing.

So his job approval has gone from 35% to 40% to 42% in the last 60 days. I'll help you with the quick math: that's a 20% improvement!

The actual story here is that Bush's approval ratings have significantly rebounded off their lows and the trend favors the president. So how does CBS handle it? By saying his ratings remain low. But there's no bias here...

Personally I'm amazed that after six years his approval rating is as high as it is given the constant barrage of leftist Hollywood propaganda, biased media and outright slander by liberal columnists...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Democratic Senators Consider Reviving Losing Issue

Democrats Split Over Filibuster On Alito

The usual suspects in the Senate are calling for a filibuster to satisfy the most liberal members of their base even though they know it would be doomed to failure. So basically they're acknowledging that any filibuster is a waste of everyone's time and would amount to simple grandstanding.

Personally I hope they try it because it would revive the courts issue for this year's elections. It's been a complete loser for the Democrats for the last two election cycles, so bringing it to the public limelight can only hurt them at the polls this fall.

High School Student 'Skirts' Stupid Rule

Male student wins right to wear a dress

A New Jersey high school student wanted to protest his school's ban on wearing shorts, so he decided to wear a skirt - which was allowable under school rules. School officials tried to stop him, but after the ACLU intervened he was allowed back in.

It's definitely an innovative way to force action from the school, but try explaining that high school picture to your kids in 20 years....

Hilary's Candidacy Doomed

Democrats Are Worrying Over Clinton in 2008

Just as Hilary Clinton is ratcheting up her rhetoric to prepare for a 2008 run at the presidency, the articles are starting to appear which cast doubts on its viability.

The reality of the situation is that if she were to run, it would turn out the Republican base like no other candidate could. Republicans only win elections when their base turns out, and a Hilary nomination would be all it would take to overflow the RNC coffers with anti-Hilary money and ensure what would probably be the highest Republican turnout in history.

I have the feeling that a trained Republican monkey would beat Hilary Clinton in '08 just because she and her Democratic Party sycophants seriously underestimate how many people truly despise her.

Illegal Immigration Hurts More Than You Think

Earl Ofari Hutchinson: Why So Many Blacks Fear Illegal immigrants Pt.1

I'm not coming at this from the racial standpoint of black men, of course, but this has been my argument against illegal immigration all along.

The argument for illegal immigration has always been that illegals do jobs that "Americans won't do" which is a B.S. argument. There is no such thing as a job that an American won't do as Discovery Channel's show "Dirty Jobs" so neatly illustrates. The difference is that when Americans are asked to do undesirable jobs, they expect to get paid for them.

The real answer is that we couldn't have certain products or services as cheaply as we do now if the employers were forced to pay the workers a decent wage - which they would have to do were their "employees" American citizens. I, for one, would be more than happy to pay twice or triple the price for a head of lettuce if it meant that the work was performed by American citizens earning a decent wage.

It also would mean that many, in the Southwest and in major metropolitan areas especially, would have to give up their uber-cheap domestic help. Somebody hold back my tears! You mean that upper-middle class and upper-class people might have to do with maid service once a week rather than every day? They might be forced to care for their own children? Oh, the humanity!

What do we get in return? We get a class of people who cannot be victimized because reporting crimes against them is no longer going to mean deportation. We get lower insurance premiums because there won't be any more uninsured aliens getting involved in accidents. The benefits go on and on, and if it means more expensive lettuce or forcing the Park Avenue crowd to give up a day to housework, I'm willing to live with it...

More Fiddling in the UN While Iran Burns

China Warns Against Iran Sanctions

Someone needs to explain to me why we're bothering with this charade at the U.N. over Iran. Neither Russia nor China will ever let their oil supplier suffer any consequences for their nuclear activities and everybody knows it. So this dance at the U.N. is only for the benefit of the uneducated "man on the street" who can't figure that out for himself.

The reality is that most of the problems we're facing from Middle Eastern terrorism can be directly traced back to Iran - whether it's the Palestinians, the Syrians, or Iraqis. They're all sponsored either openly or discretely by the Iranian government. If that government were no more, then both the money and the safe harbor that Tehran provides would be gone and so would much of the instability in the region. So when do we start seriously discussing that option?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gore has "Indisputable Evidence"

Gore to publish book on global warming

People say there's "indisputable evidence" of global warming, yet I'm old enough to remember that during the 1980's the "indisputable evidence" was that manmade emissions were going to bring about the next Ice Age. 10 years later, without any explanation, it became "global warming." So which is it? Which set of "indisputable evidence" is actually "indisputable"?

It reminds me of The Princess Bride where one character says to another: "You keep using that word, but I do not think it means what you think it means."

Leftist Hysteria Strikes Again

Paranoia, the Destroyer

About halfway into the "Best of the Web" column, we get to the item on these loons who think the government has nothing better to do than worry about what they're typing into their computers.

How narcissistic do you have to be to think you're important enough for the national security establishment to watch over what you may or may not be saying in your e-mails? Yes, I know the government does do that; however, they only pay attention to those persons they have reason to believe are actual threats. Even if you were flagged for some reason, if you're not actually doing anything wrong, no one is going to "haul you away."

Liberal apologists for terrorists seem to have forgotten that the only people who have been "hauled away" actually ARE threats to our way of life and the electronic surveillance is not really much more intrusive, in reality, than what digging to find what your average direct mail database probably already has on file about you anyway.

When the government starts making midnight raids and people start disappearing, then we can start worrying. Until then, this is all just hysterical nonsense from people in severe need of some anxiety medication...

British Bombers In Iran?

Iran accuses Britain of involving in bomb blasts

I'm trying to decide whether or not to take Iran's accusations seriously or not. On one hand, the Iranian government will do just about anything to blame a Western government for its internal problems; so any accusations of malfeasance are automatically suspect. On the other, would it surprise me to learn that the British would be doing everything it can to encourage instability in what is arguably the world's most dangerous country? Not really...

For now I'm going to come down on the side of the Brits not having been involved simply because the diplomatic risks of getting caught trying to pull it off are so high.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Overcrowding = Diapers

Adult Diaper Sales Soar in China

You know you have way too many people living way too close together when the population resorts to adult diapers because there's no way they'll ever reach a bathroom in time...

Man Almost Loses Genitals, But How Far Did He Walk?

Miffed Wife Reportedly Snips Hubby's Penis

OK...After Lorena Bobbitt, this is hardly an original way to get back at the husband, so in that sense it's not really shocking news.

What caught my eyes was how very specific the article is how about how far to get help: 1,640 feet (For the uninitiated that's about 1/4 of a mile). Who did the counting and why was it necessary for us to know with that level of precision? Seems to me they kind of focused on the wrong details, doncha think?

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